How to tackle choosing colors for your home

“The best color in the whole world is the one that looks good on you.” Coco Chanel

Yes, indeed. We all know that picking a color and choosing a hue for your home can be daunting. Overwhelming. Downright scary for some of us. The responsibility of deciding the shade of blue/grey/yellow/red/white that will set the tone and the mood of your space makes many to resort going with the tried-and-true neutral, or opting for “what’s currently trendy” option. Nothing wrong with either of these choices, per se, although it does not really capture the “you” in the choice. After all, who will truthfully claim that their personality matches the neutral beige walls?

Helping to choose and pick colors is something I really enjoy. Working with my clients, getting to know their lifestyle, their likes and dislikes, chatting with them about their favorite objects in their homes (that hand-blown glass vase she picked up during her travels in Venice, this sunshine yellow set of ceramic bowls brought back from mid-winter escape to Mexico…) – it lets me, without them even telling me what colors they prefer, to offer up hues that not just work with their space, but transform their home.

And yet, color trends around us often tell us in no uncertain terms that “for this coming year, the tone to go with is….” – here insert the tone trendy that year. Of course, as a designer, I breathlessly anticipate these predictions, some of which I agree with, others I hesitate about. Keeping in mind that the loudly touted tones can often be not the main color for your walls, but an accent that brings it all together and offers that “ta-da!” is also important. Not sure how many of you painted your interior the color of the year chosen for 2015 – Marsala – a rich hue that is not for the faint hearted. Pantone is the go-to for forecasting color trends and I cannot wait to hear what their 2016 color will be. According to design experts at Elle Décor, it will be Deep Peacock Blue, 17-5029 TCX. 


Contrasting that, Benjamin Moore experts have already announced their 2016 color of choice – Simply White OC-117. You see, trends can pull you in different directions. What works for one will not for the others. Yes, white is a fantastic neutral that can brighten and expand, yet also highlight and deliver a crisp finish. I love white – and yet it needs to come with a warning label as it truly can be one of the toughest colors to pick. Last year I worked with a lovely client who yearned an all-white kitchen. Great idea and currently very popular choice (just run a search on “all-white kitchens” on Houzz and see how many options there are!). Yet as she wanted to match the white of her existing cupboards to the newly painted trim plus the new kitchen island, the task became truly herculean. We finally succeeded, but it definitely was a challenge.

So, my recommendation to you is such – choose a color that makes you happy, that works for your space…and talk to an expert before committing. Midnight blue on a small swatch may look magnificent yet on a big expanse of living room wall it may be quite staggering. Working with someone who can guide you through this process will take away the stress and the weight of needing to make that big choice by yourself. So – call or email me! Let’s talk!