7 clever storage ideas for your kitchen

7 clever storage ideas for your kitchen

I often meet with homeowners who are planning to tackle their kitchen reno – and one of the most asked features of their new kitchen is proper storage. As we all accumulate all sorts of cooking gadgets, appliances, plus of course baking and cooking staples, it becomes a trial to fit proper places for all these items without completely over cluttering the cooking space.

My advice to my clients has been to first of all review their existing stash of items. Do you really need that 15 year old blender or the extra set of plastic picnic ware? Doing a proper spring clean and taking stock of what you truly need will help also determine how much space is needed for storage of equipment, and how much space is available for all the pots, pans, baking sheets, etc. Plus of course food!

After the initial review, I then send my clients home with a task of gathering ideas. We are now so lucky to have free online resources such as Houzz and Pinterest to offer us great ideas and solutions – plus it helps to see how other homeowners have tackled creating storage space in sometimes quite cramped and tiny cooking and living spaces.

When listing which kitchen organization techniques to include (space permitting) in an average kitchen, I’d recommend the following solutions:

  • Pantry

Whether walk-in or just a spacious built-in wall cupboard, pantry lets homeowners stash away a lot of items that would otherwise take up space on the counters and cupboards. Placing all needed items in one place is efficient, and lets you instantly see whether you need to replenish your wares when writing the next shopping list. 

Image source: transform / The Art of Custom Storage on Houzz.com

  • Utensil drawers

Keep all your spatulas and ladles out of sight by tucking them into a pull-out drawer that fits a few canisters that hide all the mess. You can apply that same idea to pots and pans – place them in a deep drawer that is easy to pull out and unload when needed. 

Source: WoodWorks Inc. on Houzz.com

  • Under-sink storage

Pull-out drawers are also great for that under-sink mess. Admit it, you start with great intentions of keeping that area spotless and organized – and end up with a jumble of mess that consists of cleaning supplies, rolled up plastic bags, and scrubbing pads. The pull-out drawer will let you see all of the contents, and you will no longer have to wonder what is hiding behind that big bottle of dish soap.

Source: Midwest Stone Source & Custom Cabinetry | Rockford on Houzz.com

  • Recycling centre

OK, so my theme of pull-out drawers continues. Instead of wearing a path between the kitchen and the garage where most of us keep the recycling, consider installing pull-out trash and recycling bins. Depending on where you live, you may have to adhere to different requirements when it comes to sorting the recycling. Creating a dedicated recycling space in the kitchen lets you keep everything tidy, and all your garbage sorted and ready for taking it to the curb once a week. 

Source: Melbourne Contemporary Kitchens

  • Appliances – park them out of sight!

If you do not have a walk-in pantry where to store your blenders and toasters, plan to include an appliance garage. Keeping all your tools out of sight yet in an easy to reach spot makes all the food prep so much easier!

Source: Kayron Brewer, CKD, CBD / Studio K B via Houzz.com

  • Pull-out cupboard or pantry organizers

I must admit, I really love the pullout racks! They really maximize the usable space in your cupboards, and let you pack the cupboard very efficiently. The ones that glide and let you turn them around to double-stack items, like Rev-a-Shelf organizers, are really wonderful. 

Source: Rev-A-Shelf via Houzz.com (this one is 5" Pullout Maple Base Cabinet Organizer)

  • Mail and newspaper collection station

We all have that same problem – we grab the mail, pick up the newspaper, walk in the house, and plop the whole stack on the kitchen counter. And there it stays, growing precariously like the Tower of Pisa until the mess is too …well, messy… to ignore. Instead of letting the envelope and paper clutter take over your counter space, create a dedicated zone where to keep the mail, homework and school notes, and even cookbooks plus recipe cards. 

Photo Source: Hamilton-Gray Design, Inc. via Houzz.com

And these ideas are just the beginning! Depending on your kitchen, lifestyle, and needs, I am happy to come up with storage solutions that work for your space and make your time spent in the kitchen a true joy. So, call or email me – let’s talk!