New Year, new design trends: what will be popular in 2014?

January is just around the corner, and with that the ever-lasting yearning to make plans for the next year, to start fresh, and to tackle those projects at your house that you have been postponing during the busy times of sending kids back to school, getting through Thanksgiving and Halloween and then right away starting the prep for the colorful and hectic whirlwind of activities that is Christmas. And there really isn`t a better time to curl up with a hot cup of coffee or a fragrant mug of chai than now, while browsing through the design magazines and spending (probably) too much time on Pinterest and Houzz, looking for fresh ideas and planning for spring.

Just like you, I do it too. I love to immerse myself in what is new, fresh, and different – it helps me not just to stay up to date with new ideas, but also lets me plan how to incorporate some of those trends in my designs while still keeping true to my clients` wishes and visions. Not everyone wants the newest and edgiest looks for their homes – but so many of you also love to include just a splash of that something extra that will become the conversation topic at the next dinner party.

On that topic, I wanted to share with you an article 10 Interior Design, Home Remodeling Trends to Look for in 2014 by Nigel Manyard that I came across today while reviewing some of the residential design ideas predicted to be the next trend setters in 2014. From U-channels in the kitchen to hide those pesky iPad and iPod charge cables, to stand-alone tubs and universal design that makes it easier for different generations to share the same house and space – it looks like the next year will be an exciting one for us interior designer. As kitchen design is one of my favourites, I was happy to see great ideas around how to incorporate more than just a row of cabinets in a space that really is the true heart of every home. I am actually working on a project right now where I have to incorporate existing design with the new, while bringing in elements that will hopefully make the cooking, cleaning, and spending time in that kitchen so much more pleasurable. Stay tuned for updates – I will fill you in on all the details once the project is finished!

So….besides the trends listed in the article, what else can I tell you about what I expect 2014 to bring to home décor? I definitely believe the trend of openness and indoor/outdoor living will continue to grow. Large doorways and folding door systems have started to come down in price, making them more achievable for an average homeowner. And who does not want to be able to let in more natural light, enjoy the views, and create a barrier-free connection to the backyard? I am also excited about the wide variety of new flooring and countertop materials that continue to emerge that offer so many options – textures, colors, finishes– the selection is really better than never before.

To sum it up – while the trends in 2014 will bring along a list of brand new details, colors, ideas, and items, the overarching theme seems to be to the ability to personalize your space better than ever before, and to pick and choose from the widest selection of options. Whether you want to create a zero emission home, select sustainable finishes, or find the latest home automation gadgets – it is all at our fingertips. So here`s to the next year – may it bring you everything you wish for (including that new bathroom or updated kitchen countertops)! All the best to you and your family from me and my team. See you next year!