About Us

We are a full service Greater Vancouver interior design firm,  experienced in all sizes and types of projects from small budget-conscious renovations to complete home redesigns.

DESIGN is like a tree - always growing and changing. We take a tiny seed of an idea or a concept, and expand it by creating livable spaces that become the basis and roots of that tree. Every branch of the tree is like an individual room, carefully nutured and grown to reflect your style. By decorating the rooms we give those branches beautiful leaves. Our design is done and a beautiful tree has grown.

Every space has a story to tell. It is our goal to help you tell those stories, and to enable you enjoy your living spaces to the fullest. No matter whether big or small, understated or over-the-top glamorous...we are happy to create a space that truly meets your needs and captures your passions.

We respect your vision and style preferences, and help refine them in order to create spaces that blend with the rest of your home and reflect your life. We understand that high quality, timely completion, and sticking to the budget are all very important to you. From the concept to the completion of the project, we will work tirelessly for your project.

In short, we ensure your dreams of a perfect space come true.